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El conocimiento es poder y el conocimiento correcto es aún más poderoso. Hoy en día, el tema de administración y almacenamiento del conocimiento es importante. Sin embargo, compartirlo es imprescindible. Algunos están concientes de esta premisa, pero pocos están dispuestos a dar el siguiente paso: Liberar el conocimiento. Nosotros estamos dando el siguiente paso.Es por […]

No te pierdas la actualización de nuestro estudio los 7 pecados del sub crecimiento

Segunda edición de los 7 Pecados del subcrecimiento from Guillermo Garza    

Monique Reese Founder of Market Smarter on WOBI


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13 Key Business Metrics You Should Stop Worrying About

It’s easy to get seduced by accruing more Twitter followers and Facebook likes. But they’re not a true measure of success.   Too often, we get so bogged down measuring everything we can get our hands on that we forget to step back and examine the results of our measurements. Don’t waste time tracking success […]

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One Habit That Will Instantly Jumpstart Your Creativity

Creativity is the currency of modern success. By building this one simple habit, you can ensure you’ll never be at a loss for ideas again. The days of a company riding for decades on the strength of a single product are long gone. With technology trends, tastes, and available knowledge changing almost weekly, businesses that […]

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Seth Godin: What Marketers Are Getting Wrong

The marketing expert shares how companies can change their tactics to get customers’ attention more effectively. Seth Godin, best-selling author and entrepreneur, is one of the most prominent names in marketing today. Godin has worked in the field for decades and his blog is one of the most trafficked on the Web. Last week, the marketing expert […]

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5 Things Super Lucky People Do

Do you feel lucky? Here’s a clear-cut approach for improving your luck today. «The Luck of the Irish» is an American phrase that comes from the days of the gold rush in the 1800s.  Intolerant Americans figured the Irish people weren’t smart enough to find gold, and blamed their success on being lucky rather than […]

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las 30 promesas de México, emprendedores de alto impacto

Conoce a las 30 promesas de México de acuerdo a la revista Forbes, varias estadísticas interesantes

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You have to say yes to WIN

Marcus Fischer Chief Strategy Officer, Managing Partner at Carmichael Lynch They said they understood the campaign, could envision the potential and see how it could change their business. Still, the answer was NO. The reason?  Because it was too different. It would cause too much change. I remember trying to sell a campaign idea that I believed […]

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Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs

Created by Slideshop

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What Executives Really Need to Know About the “Emerging Markets Crisis”

  As currencies and stock markets have tumbled in emerging markets, the business media has been dominated by cries of an “Emerging-Markets Crisis.” Corporate executives would be well served to turn off the television. Multinational companies do have their work cut out for them, and should take a second look at their 2014 plans — […]