febrero 10

“7 Ways Entrepreneurs Could Change the World This Year”

Inc. asked experts in education, health care, biotech, and clean tech innovation for the biggest, most audacious startup opportunities in 2014. Here are their predictions. To be a great entrepreneur, you have to be a bit of a fortune teller, able to read the proverbial tea leaves and predict what your customers will want before […]

febrero 06

“It’s Time to Put Your Strategy on a Diet”

David Packard once famously quipped, “More companies die from overeating than starvation.” As it turns out, recent studies about dieting show that Packard’s clever metaphor might be more instructive than he ever imagined — and they can provide modern leaders with important lessons about planning and strategy. Here are four of those lessons. Limit Your […]

febrero 06

“The First Strategic Question Every Business Must Ask”

What business are you in?  It seems like a straightforward question, and one that should take no time to answer.  But the truth is that most company leaders are too narrow in defining their competitive landscape or market space.  They fail to see the potential for “non-traditional” competitors, and therefore often misperceive their basic business […]

febrero 06

“7 Tips to Make Killer Sales Calls” (Even if You Dread Them)

You can–and should–conquer your fear of pitching total strangers. This process will help you do it. “Do you have sales-call reluctance?” Connie Kadansky asks me point-blank. “Um…” I trail off. She’s a sales coach at Sales Call Reluctance with 20 years’ experience. I’m supposed to be interviewing her. But somehow I’ve let slip that I’d rather have my teeth drilled than […]

enero 30

“Big Data’s Dangerous New Era of Discrimination”

Congratulations. You bought into Big Data and it’s paying off Big Time. You slice, dice, parse and process every screen-stroke, clickstream, Like, tweet and touch point that matters to your enterprise. You now know exactly who your best — and worst — customers, clients, employees and partners are.  Knowledge is power.  But what kind of power does all that […]

“5 Steps to Optimizing Team Performance”

  As the Super Bowl approaches, now is a great time to assess whether, and how, you are setting up your employee teams for maximum success.   Every company wants to tap the full potential of each employee. Often the best way to do this is not to focus on them as individuals, but as […]

“Your First 5 Minutes With a Client Tells You Everything”

  With some focus, you can make the most of your time with an important customer. Regardless of what you are selling, or to whom you are trying to sell, the first five minutes with a client tells you everything you need to know–if you use those minutes wisely. Minute 1: Get the client’s attention. […]

enero 30

Los primeros 5 minutos con el cliente cuentan mucho

noviembre 26

Innovation Where ideas come from

noviembre 26

The education Paradigm

¿Cómo debe cambiar la educación para adaptarse a un futuro cambiante? Gran video